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Jonathan Baldwin Warned About Revis Island

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One of those crazy stats following WR Jonathan Baldwin is that he's the fifth first round pick...from his high school. I can't even comprehend how much talent they have going through Aliquippa but that's a completely ridiculous number.

One of those five former first round picks is New York Jets CB Darrelle Revis who, like Baldwin, played football at Pittsburgh as well. Baldwin has trained with Revis before so he knows who he is and what kind of player he is, arguably the best in football right now.

Apparently, Baldwin's Mom knows, too. She was quoted in the Beaver County Times with this warning to her son:

"When I saw the Chiefs' schedule, I told Jonathan, ‘Don't you be getting lost on Revis Island,'" said Baldwin's mother Tezmalita Baldwin.

That would be Dec. 11 in New York for the Chiefs vs. Jets.

I can already figure out one of the pre-game story lines.

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