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Reminiscing About Matt Cassel Trade Amid Kevin Kolb Trade Talk

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I just got done writing a quick story at on the various Kevin Kolb trade rumors floating around. The latest says that the Philadelphia Eagles QB is likely to be traded and the Arizona Cardinals sit at the top of the heap right now.

The price: First round pick.

Think about that. Seven career starts. That's less than half the number of games Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel started before coming to the Chiefs. In Kolb's seven starts and Cassel's 15 starts in New England, they both showed they could play well.
Again, the price is reported to be a first round pick. And I doubt they're throwing in a veteran linebacker along with it. I think some of the quarterback trade rumors that we see making the rounds highlight how strange the Cassel deal was (but in a good way for the Chiefs).  A few thoughts on Cassel and Kolb amid some of these trade rumors:

First, starting quarterbacks rarely get traded. This Jay Cutler and Donovan McNabb business we've seen in the last couple years is new. Quarterbacks, especially those in their prime like Cutler, simply don't get traded like that. 

Second, Cassel had twice as much tape than Kolb does right so you had a better idea of what you're getting. In theory, this should raise the value of Cassel. Maybe Bill Belichick didn't do the job Andy Reid is doing on selling other teams on a trade.

Third, think of Cassel this summer when everyone is talking about Kolb. Some team will go nutso for him and way overpay. I can't say that I blame them either, or that a first round pick + whatever is a bad deal. You have to overpay for quarterbacks. But the Cassel will surely be cheaper and a better value. Oh, and he hit the Pro Bowl in year two with the Chiefs.

I'm glad the Chiefs already made their move for a quarterback. If I were a fan of a team still looking for a quarterback in 2011 -- Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, potentially San Francisco 49ers or Minnesota Vikings -- I would be completely depressed. The lockout is taking away chance of landing a quarterback early and you can't just sign a guy in August and throw him in there in September.