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Mike Vrabel Could Be Interested In Next Ohio State Football Coach

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Everyone who follows football has seen the news that Jim Tressel has resigned as the Ohio State football head coach. You can read all the down-and-dirty details here.

I'm stretching a bit but there is a possible Kansas City Chiefs connection here. BJ Kissel, of SB Nation Kansas City and Arrowhead Pride fame, reminded me of a story we did last year that makes the connection.

Chiefs LB Mike Vrabel, who attended Ohio State, has previously said he could have some interest in coaching once his NFL playing career is over. That makes sense as he's often called one of those coach-on-the-field type of players.

At one point, he even said where he would like to coach

''I would love to go back to Ohio State in any capacity,'' Vrabel said. ''I've got a lot of friends who coach there, gotten to know some of the players by working out there in the offseason. I would say that would be the only place I would probably coach. If I could get into coaching, I would probably look there first.'' I wonder if Vrabel may be keeping an eye on who is hired at Ohio State.