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Kansas City Chiefs Mascot Staying Busy During NFL Lockout

With the NFL owners locking out the players, teams have been cutting the pay of employees and sending others on furlough to prepare for the possible loss of revenue.

The Kansas City Chiefs may not have to worry about that as they'll have a source of income as Father's Day rolls around. The Chiefs website is promoting a package that includes KC Wolf, the team's official mascot, visiting your father on Father's Day this June.

For just $150, you can get a visit from KC Wolf and a Kansas City Chiefs necktie; KC Chiefs Hat (Lamar Hunt/ Chiefs AFL cap); KC Chiefs Team Yearbook; 2011 KC Chiefs Cheerleader Calendar; Autographed picture of KC Wolf.

OK, this obviously isn't an actual revenue replacement during the lockout but, for some reason, I find these KC Wolf visits pretty hilarious. I asked Ms. Primetime if I could send KC Wolf to her office for Valentine's Day and she declined while I also asked my Mother if she would like one for Mother's Day but she opted to pass, too.

Someone has to get this and secretly film it. I can't imagine KC Wolf walking into someone's office or busting into a family party to surprise your dad on Father's Day.

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