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Kansas City Chiefs May 2011 Approval Poll: Scott Pioli


We've been doing approval polls on Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli (nearly) every month dating back to February 2009, which means we have a solid two years of data on the Chiefs GM. As far as I know, no one else does something like this so it's pretty darn cool to quantify Chiefs fans' feelings.

We're not perfect, though. In September 2010 we forgot to post a poll, for example. (Blame Chris.) And last month we also forgot to post the poll. (Again, blame Chris...and the draft) So we have two missing months of data but whatever.

Moving is the approval poll for this month. Pioli has been flying high on approval ratings. He's been over 90 percent since January 2010 when he was at 86 percent. Obviously people are liking what the Chiefs GM is doing.

One of these days we'll put it into graph form so the numbers are displayed in a more readable fashion.

So vote in our poll and tell us what you think.

It's Game Time.

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