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Chiefs Draft Pick Got The Call On The Second Hole

Call me a sap but I love watching the NFL draft if for no other reason than to see the cameras in the players' homes as they get drafted. Watching all their friends and family erupt once they get the call and everyone going crazy...I like it. For example, has the call from the Chiefs brass to WR Jonathan Baldwin. I like that stuff. 

They usually don't put a camera in the homes of fifth round picks so new Chief Gabe Miller didn't have his ESPN moment but he hopped on 610 Sports with Nick Wright this afternoon and told him about his call.
"I was out my family and a few friends," Miller said. "We were actually out golfing. I would drive myself crazy if I sat around and watched the draft so I decided it would be a good idea to get my mind off of it.

"So I'm out golfing, about to tee up on the second hole, and I get the phone call. It was amazing. I had my entire family hanging on a thread hearing about what it was about. I finally gave a fist pump while I was talking so they all knew. It was a pretty special moment."

Special moment indeed. What's not so special is that, the second after Miller was drafted, he was locked out. That means no talking to coaches and on practice.

It also means no playbook, which Miller told Wright he hopes to change. "That's the nice thing about social networking is that you can get in touch with these guy fairly easily," he said of acquiring a playbook from a teammate. "That's something I'm going to look into so I can get a rough copy of the playbook."

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