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Carl The Janitor Weighs In On Kansas City Chiefs Draft Pick

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The story of Carl the Janitor continues.

A few weeks ago we interviewed Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli and he talked about the role of Carl the Janitor in the scouting process. Check out the full story to understand what I'm talking about if you don't know already.

One of the Carl the Janitor types has weighed in on a Chiefs draft pick. I was listening to The Program on 810 WHB this morning and former Chief Tim Grunhard was telling Soren Petro that he checked in with Florida State's equipment manager, Darin Kerns. 

Kerns, who previously worked for the Chiefs, told Grunny that the Chiefs second round pick, C Rodney Hudson out of Florida State, is the real deal. Grunny says Kerns told him the Chiefs will like him and "He's a guy that's going to come in and work hard and dedicate himself to his craft."

As for Hudson's career in KC, Grunny of all people should know a thing or two about playing guard in college and moving to center in the pros. He says the Chiefs should give Hudson a veteran to work with, perhaps Casey Wiegmann.

He says he had Mike Webster to help him out when he came to KC, which made a difference. And when he was in his final year with the Chiefs, he was able to work with Brian Waters a little bit.

For Hudson, he hopes Wiegmann is that mentor.

810 WHB will probably podcast it at some point. This will be the link if they do. Definitely worth a listen.