PFF: How amazing IS Jamaal Charles?


In 2009, Chris Johnson of the Titans had a 2000 yard season and looked very impressive in doing so with a PFF run rating of +15.9. While Jamaal Charles of the Chiefs trailed Johnson in touchdowns, yards and attempts, he finished with a higher PFF run rating, +16.5. In 2010, Thomas Jones came to town to split carries with Charles and, despite going from playing 80% of the offensive snaps to 53%, Charles put up the best rushing season we’ve seen [ever] with a +23.5 run rating. To give some idea of how great Charles season was, only four running backs in the history of the NFL have had a season with over 200 carries and over 6 yards per. Those players are Jim Brown, O.J. Simpson, Barry Sanders, and Jamaal Charles. That’s good company for a young player like Charles to be in.