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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/28

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 Good morning. Here is today's Kansas City Chiefs news. Enjoy.

Take the money saved by firing all those long-term Chiefs employees, along with the money not spent on free agents, plus the money not s pent to pay workout bonuses and Hunt should have a nice little lockout nest egg to see him through a lockout created by the owners.

Instead, he’s cutting the salaries of secretaries and other low-pay employees, and taking even larger slices from scouts and coaches who make more money and for the most part give up their lives in doing their jobs for the franchise. That’s some loyalty being shown everyone in the building.

Sadly, there are plenty of other owners that have made similar short-sighted decisions, so Clark Hunt has a lot of companions sharing that management dunce cap as they keep crying wolf.

Owners Cry Wolf... Weekend Keg O'Chiefs from Bob Gretz

"Setting goals isn’t enough," was the message Thursday to the Trojan football team. The speaker was John Mackovic, former Kansas City Chiefs coach.

Mackovic told the Yucca Valley High School athletes goal setting is an important part of success on the field and in later life, but once a goal is set one must take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Retired NFL Coach Urges Goal Setting from Hi-Desert Star
Unfortunately, this Denver Bronco season ticket holder no longer lives in the Denver area, but that also opens up the opportunity to see the Broncos play when they wear white visitor jerseys, instead of the blue home jerseys.  The NFL stadium closest to my home is Arrowhead Stadium, home of the Broncos’ AFC West rival, the Kansas City Chiefs.  As a Bronco fan, visiting Arrowhead Stadium when the Broncos play is kind of like attending a party that you’re not invited to! 

Thanks for Coming - Now Get Out! from Predominantly Orange

Allen Bailey was represented by Terry Watson of Watson Sports Agency for the 2011 NFL Draft.  The former UM defensive end was selected by the Kansas City Chiefs in the third round (#86 overall).  Bailey’s switch to Drew Rosenhaus leaves Watson with one player selected in the draft.

On to the Next One: Allen Bailey from Business Insider

Wallace Gilberry All-Star Camp will be held Friday and Saturday at Spanish Fort High School. Registration is $100 per athlete and two sessions will be offered. For ages 7-14, camp will meet 8 to 10:30 a.m. Friday and Saturday. For ages 15-up, camp will meet 4:30 to 7 p.m. Friday and noon to 2:30 p.m. Saturday. Pre-registration begins at 7 a.m. Joining Gilberry will be Glen Dorsey, Jamaal Charles and Javier Arenas. Gilberry is a member of the Kansas City Chiefs defensive line. He played at Baldwin County High School and for the University of Alabama.

Summer Day Camps, Enrichment Camps, and Sports CompsListed for Baldwin County from

Thomas Jones, a star running back with the Kansas City Chiefs, joined forces as SOSA's spokesman last year, and since then has delivered his safety message to school-age children, met with members of Congress to encourage their involvement, and taped several audio and video public service announcements.  Jones, whose parents were coal miners in southwestern Virginia, admits to the lure of mine exploration during his early years.

MSHA Urges Outdoor Enthusiasts to Steer Clear of Mnes and Quarries from