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Chiefs Continue Saying It's All About Competition

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The Kansas City Chiefs are very, very big on creating competition within the organization and head coach Todd Haley usually says at some point during the year that it doesn't matter how a particular player arrived in Kansas City but what they do when they're here.

Chiefs GM Scott Pioli recently sat down with Josh Looney of and the result is this story talking about the value of undrafted free agents in the league.

UDFAs are an interesting part of the Chiefs right now because for several years they were very, very young which meant a ton of these undrafted guys were on the field. Obviously, the more opportunities you give these guys, the more likely you are to find a gem and the Chiefs have done just that, as Josh notes throughout the story.

The story on also mentions that the Chiefs "embrace" these types of players. I'm going a little conspiracy theorist here but the Chiefs can't currently communicate with these UDFAs, and UDFAs can choose who they sign with.

So perhaps this is a reminder to those UDFAs out there that, in Kansas City, you have legitimate opportunities to make an impact.