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VIDEO: Chiefs G Ryan Lilja Addresses His Elementary School

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Kansas City Chiefs G Ryan Lilja is about as Kansas City as a football player gets.

In addition to being on the Chiefs' squad currently, Lilja was born and raised in Kansas City; attended Broken Arrowhead elementary and Shawnee Mission Northwest high school; and spent his college time at Coffeyville Community College and eventually Kansas State. Lilja was picked up by the Chiefs as an undrafted free agent but never made the team. He spent six seasons as an Indianpolis Colt before returning to Kansas City for the 2010 NFL season.  

On May 17th, Lilja went back to Broken Arrow elementary and spoke to the children there. His message was one of hard work, persistence and belief and confidence in your abilities. Lilja also spoke about the dangers of breaking the rules, reports the Shawnee Dispatch

Lilja was kicked off of his high school football team during his senior season and one of the children asked him why he was removed. Lilja said, "My school had a zero tolerance policy about drugs and alcohol. And I drank beer. Don't drink beer, guys."

I think he meant only drink beer when you can't get caught, right?

Full video of Lilja's visit to Broken Arrow is after the jump. The video doesn't want to stay after the jump for some reason and it loads automatically. So check it out here