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Chiefs And Players React To Kansas City Tornado

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Wow. I picked the right time to leave Kansas City for vacation. I'm in Florida at the moment but, as I was eating lunch with Ms. Primetime along the beach shortly ago, we saw reports coming through Twitter that a tornado was near Kansas City.

Indeed, parts of Johnson County have seen some tree damage and other parts of Kansas City are experiencing the effects of a tornado which rolled through this afternoon. The warnings in the Kansas City area have begun to be lifted but parts outside of Kansas City are still experiencing tornado warnings.

The Kansas City Chiefs are taking donations for the Joplin tornado relief efforts at Arrowhead Stadium all day today and Josh Looney of wrote shortly ago via Twitter: "Taking cover at Arrowhead. Be safe KC until tornado warnings pass."

Josh just reported from Arrowhead that they've gotten the all clear.


Chiefs WR Jonathan Baldwin, who got into Kansas City yesterday, said via Twitter: "Tornado just touched down! In a safe place playing angry birds."

And Chiefs LB Jovan Belcher wrote on Facebook: ""Man I'm at physical therapy right now and we have a tornado coming our way, everyones in a sheltered area but it's a blessing to see how many people give up their seats to people that really need them."

Pretty scary week in the Missouri area. 

(H/T Chiefsfan85)