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Jonathan Baldwin, Matt Cassel Will Get Extra Benefit From NFL Lockout Practices

As many of you know, the newest Chief, WR Jonathan Baldwin, touched down in Kansas City on Tuesday and promptly conducted a workout with QB Matt Cassel and others. 

If you've been reading this blog for a while then you may know that I've questioned the value in these workouts. Other than the camaraderie you build, I don't think there's a ton of actual work that gets done without the supervision of coaches (but of course I coud also be completely wrong).

I would say, though, that there's an exception regarding the relationship between quarterback and receiver. A lot of that's timing and getting a feel for each other and I think that's a relationship that could benefit from offseason workouts.

So from that perspective I'm very happy to hear that Cassel and Baldwin are getting together. 

It's unfortunate, though, that the rest of the rookie class isn't getting the same experience as Baldwin. This is an important time of year for the draft picks and, as Eric Berry told Nick Wright on 610 Sports last week, it's the time of year when you build unity within your draft class.

"That's something we really enjoyed," Berry said of the offseason last year, "going through those situations together and pulling each other through those tough times we had. It brought us closer."

Is there extra value in working on the QB-WR relationship this early? Or will it not matter?

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