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QB Ricky Stanzi A Potential Starter For The Chiefs, Says National Football Post

For some reason, in the national media especially, Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel still hasn't earned a permanent spot as the Chiefs staring QB. Maybe it was the semi-meltdown in the NFL playoffs this year. Maybe it's the fact that Cassel is still playing in Tom Brady's shadow. I'm not really sure.

I came across another example of this thinking in a recent National Football Post article by long time NFL scout Greg Gabriel. While reviewing the AFC West draft results, Gabriel said this about the Kansas City Chiefs 5th round pick QB Ricky Stanzi:

Getting Ricky Stanzi in the fifth round was a steal. He is not a special player but he is very steady and showed improvement every year playing in a pro-style offense. It would not surprise me if he is the Chiefs starter by his third year.

I read this and thought to myself, "Really?" The way I read this, I found it to be more of an indication of Gabriel's lack of faith in Cassel's ability than the apparently superior ability of Stanzi. 

I have not seen much of Ricky Stanzi but I know a lot of you have. Is Gabriel correct in his assessment of Stanzi's starting potential? You don't have to say Stanzi is better than Cassel. I'm more curious what people think about Stanzi's potential independent of outside factors.

Or is Gabriel knocking Matt Cassel?

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