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Matt Cassel, Jonathan Baldwin And Other Kansas City Chiefs Continue Player-Only Practices

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We just mentioned recently that Kansas City Chiefs first round draft pick WR Jonathan Baldwin was hanging out with QB Matt Cassel in Kansas City. Baldwin has been all over Twitter in recent days, talking about his trip to Kansas City and interacting with plenty of Chiefs fans. 

Adam Teicher of the Kansas City Star relays to us that Jonathan Baldwin is indeed in town and he's working out as part of the Kansas City Chiefs player-only practices. After the practice was moved indoors today due to the threat of rain, Teicher said of the practices's value:

I've been asked by many fans just how important these practice sessions are while the players are locked out. My answer is that they are better than nothing.

I believe that teams with many players practicing together can benefit more than teams like the Chiefs, who are working with small numbers. The only Chiefs I saw today before being shown the door were Cassel, Baldwin and wide receivers Jerheme Urban and Jeremy Horne.

I'm sure there were more players there than Adam was able to spot but that's not really the point. Our first round pick is completely jazzed to get to work and the sooner him and Matt Cassel can get together, the better. 

Hopefully Mr. Teicher will have good before-and-after insights into the Cassel-Baldwin connection. We'll keep an eye out.