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VIDEO: Brian Waters On The NFL Network's Top 100 Of 2011

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The Kansas City Chiefs have five total players in the NFL Network's countdown of the top 100 players of 2011. Eric Berry came in at No. 93, Tamba Hali came in at No. 64 and Brian Waters came in at No. 67. Jamaal Charles' and Dwayne Bowe's ranks have yet to be revealed, although we can strongly speculate they'll be on the list. 

The video above highlighting Brian Waters is pretty good actually. It starts off with Todd Haley telling Scott Pioli, "Difference maker. Brian Waters is a difference maker."

Takeo Spikes is the main presenter and he does a good job giving Waters the proper accolades. 

Thoughts on Brian Waters as the No. 67 best player in the NFL?

H/T bfett81 for the video