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Kansas City Chiefs Fan Lands On NBC Show

While walking down the street here in Seaside, Fla. on Monday, Ms. Primetime and I came across a man wearing a red Kansas City Chiefs hat and, despite the fact that I embarrassed Ms. Primetime, I yelled out "Go Chiefs" in the crowd of people and the man moved my way for a big high-five.

Whenever one Chiefs fan sees another Chiefs fan outside of Kansas City, there's generally some sort of acknowledgement. It's part of the deal when you become a Chiefs fan.

This idea of worldwide Chiefs unity is likely the reason reader ChiefsnotChefs posted this clip from NBC's show "Outsourced" after noticing the lead actor is in fact a Kansas City Chiefs fan.

The Chiefs fan is working in India and a few others come into the room to recreate a tailgating atmosphere -- which is likely the reason they chose the Chiefs as their team -- and one of the characters says, "Best of all -- you ready? -- we had the IT guys download the Chiefs game for us to watch." And then you can hear in the background, the TV announcer mention that McCluster is back for the return.

There are Chiefs fans everywhere but maybe not for long. NBC didn't pick up "Outsourced" for another season.

The head of programming at NBC sounds like a Raiders fan.

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