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The New Dwayne Bowe: One Year Later

While searching around for story ideas this morning, I went back to the Arrowhead Pride archives and an old story popped up from this time last May about an incident I had almost forgotten about - Dwayne Bowe's "importing" women comments in ESPN the magazine.

I don't want to revisit the entire story so let's just say Dwayne Bowe made some comments about where to find women with questionable moral values during road trips. It was pretty bad. Herm chimed in. Brian Waters said the issue would be handled in house. Bowe and Todd Haley had a long talk apparently too. 

In short, it was everything we had come to expect from Dwayne Bowe. Short sighted. Immature. Boastful.

One year later and Dwayne Bowe has made you completely forget about those importing comments. He's doing a lot of off season conditioning during the NFL lockout. He's encouraging the rookies. And he's participating in the player-only practices. He's a new man. 

Dwayne Bowe's 2010 turnaround has been well-covered here at Arrowhead Pride so this is really nothing new to you. But I still think it's interesting to note that one year ago, we were sitting here shaking our heads saying, "Same old Dwayne Bowe."

What a difference a year makes. 

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