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Denver Broncos Safety Turns To Substitute Teaching During NFL Lockout

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We've been hearing bits and pieces about what some of the Kansas City Chiefs players are doing during the NFL lockout. From Matt Cassel organizing workouts, to Eric Berry promoting a friend's book, to Jamaal Charles' flag football tournament, many of the Kansas City Chiefs players are staying busy. 

But we haven't heard about any of the Kansas City Chiefs doing what Denver Broncos safety David Bruton is doing: substitute teaching. Via the Denver Post:

Bruton applied for and received a one-year substitute teacher's license from the Ohio Department of Education, clearing him to take short-term assignments in classrooms for students in kindergarten through high school.

The salary is a bit less than his NFL pay - $90 a day. Bruton literally started substitute teaching less than two weeks ago:

His first call came May 12 to split time between two second-grade classes in an elementary school in the Dayton suburb. He was called again Friday, this time to teach social studies and a credit-recovery class - for students who have fallen behind - at Miamisburg High School, where he graduated in 2005.

Division rival or not, it's completely refreshing to hear about Bruton's approach. I was getting sick of seeing NFL players' party posters pop up on Twitter searches.