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PHOTO: Eric Berry Throws Out First Pitch At Kauffman Stadium

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eric berry royals first pitch
eric berry royals first pitch

Via @Royals, we have a great picture of Kansas City Chiefs safety Eric Berry throwing out the first pitch this evening at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City, MO. Joel mentioned earlier this week that Berry was going to be doing this as part of the Royals-Cardinals festivities this weekend. Royals Review has full coverage of the game. 

And as Joel mentioned then, baseball is near and dear to Eric Berry. He told 810 radio:

"What you don't know is that baseball is actually my first love," Berry said. "I played pitcher all the way up until high school. I played my freshman year and then I decided I really wanted to play football so I stopped."

Eric Berry then told the 810 crew that he was 7-0 as a pitcher his freshman year in high school and that he's been throwing the ball around with his brothers as early as a month ago. 

Who all was there tonight to watch Berry throw out the first pitch?