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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/21

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Good morning, Chiefs fans. Once again, we have today's Kansas City Chiefs news here for you. Enjoy.

Talk about being in the right place at the right time.

If DeMarco Cosby had selected any other moment to wander into that Overland Park gym for a workout this spring, his hopes of signing with an NFL team might be waning.

But Cosby, a former Lincoln Prep and Central Missouri tight end, chose to work out just as a group of Chiefs were gathering at the gym for the same purpose. And it didn’t take long for those Chiefs to see the 6-foot-2, 245-pound Cosby and figure out that he was a football player.

They invited him to their conditioning sessions, and later the practices organized by quarterback Matt Cassel.

Out-of-Work Chiefs Welcome Former Central Missouri Tight End to Workouts from KC Star

In their filing, the unions for the MLB, NBA and NHL wrote, "there is no off-season in professional sports - only the portion of the work year during which no games are played." The unions said that part of the year brings opportunities - such as the option to change cities, teams or the trajectory of one's career.

Also Friday, a nonprofit group that has been fighting sport work stoppages said the lockout should be lifted. The Sports Fans Coalition, which says it gives fans a voice on public policy issues and fights for fan access to games, said in a legal brief that the lockout is not in the best interest of fans, who pay billions of dollars to see their teams perform.

The players' attorneys argued: "The NFL does not suffer irreparable harm from operating the game of football - especially at a profit."

Players Call NFL a "Cartel" in Court Filing from KC Star

What were they thinking?

That was among the first questions uttered when the Kansas City Chiefs made University of Pittsburgh wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin their first-round pick in last month's draft.

Too risky a player for a premium choice, the critics said. Too much about himself. Too quick to point fingers at others when things go wrong. Too willing to take the easy way out when it comes to practice and working to improve his skills. In short, a classic diva receiver.

So, what were the Chiefs thinking? Here's what: coach Todd Haley and his history of being able to handle divas.

In Taking Baldwin, Chiefs Putting Trust in Haley's Track Record from

Daron Roberts, West Virginia University wide receivers football coach and founder of the "4th and 1" football camps that are held in Mount Pleasant, Texas and East Lansing, Mich., will be recognized by the Texas Exes, The University of Texas' Alumni Association, at the 2011 Outstanding Young Texas Ex award ceremony on May 21...

...Roberts moved to Kansas City after graduating from Harvard to volunteer for the NFL Kansas City Chiefs on special teams. After one year with the Chiefs, he was hired as defensive quality control assistant with the Chiefs. In 2009, Roberts left the Chiefs and joined the Detroit Lions as an assistant secondary coach. In March, Roberts was hired by West Virginia University as the wide receivers coach.

Roberts to Receive 2011 Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award from

The topic on "NFL Live" was a playoff team from last year that will struggle in 2011.

Studio analyst Darren Woodson pointed to the Kansas City Chiefs. Host Michael Smith thought the Seattle Seahawks were the easiest answer.

Wiley: Bills Will 'Take a Little Piece" of Pats from ESPN
Cassel told the media it's more than going through the motions and looking good to the fans. It's about staying sharp and still trying to get better even though conditions aren't normal in the NFL.

If the NFL gets going, then organizing players, especially for Cassel who is still proving himself, will be a positive move for everyone involved.

I'd rather have Cassel doing something than to have the Saints' Reggie Bush tweeting that "he's good with the NFL lockout".

Call Cassel what you will, but you can't call him lazy.

Brown: Owners Get Win in NFL Lockout from The Examiner