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First Look At Jonathan Baldwin In Chiefs Jersey Is Coming

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We'll get our first look at WR Jonathan Baldwin in a Kansas City Chiefs jersey this weekend. The NFLPA is hosting the Rookie Premiere this weekend in Los Angeles and as part of that we'll see rookies, like Baldwin, wearing their pro jerseys for the first time.

Not all players, like Baldwin, have been assigned jersey numbers by the team (thanks to the lockout) so he'll be wearing his college jersey number, which is 82. Hopefully WR Dwayne Bowe won't mind.

And, to answer a question, there is no news on what number Baldwin will actually wear with the Chiefs.

Today, Baldwin and 35 other rookies will go to an L.A. school to encourage healthy habits, and then attend a meet-and-greet at a Best Buy. They will also visit the L.A. Medical Center to meet with veterans and then this evening they'll play in a flag football game.

Hopefully one of our L.A. readers attends this and sends back some pictures. (Hint, hint)

So be on the look out for a few photos of Baldwin sporting a No. 82 Chiefs jersey.