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Eric Berry Says Mike Vrabel Still Taking Leadership Role With Chiefs

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Kansas City Chiefs S Eric Berry had a great interview with Steven St. John and Nate Bukaty on 810 WHB's Border Patrol this morning and might have provided a hint on LB Mike Vrabel's future.

The Border Patrol guys noted that QB Matt Cassel was taking the lead on getting the offense together and asked if there was anyone doing the same on the defense. 

"Mike Vrabel has been really contacting a lot of guys making sure we're not just sitting around watching TV," Berry said. "Get up and do something, work out and make sure we're staying in shape."

Vrabel doesn't have a contract in 2011 so I wonder if this means that he expects to return to the Chiefs. He has said he's interested in coming back  while the Chiefs haven't confirmed or denied that publicly. Hmm.

Berry also said he plans on getting together with other players in Kansas City sometime in the next month.

"I feel like we'll be getting together pretty soon," Berry said. "Probably early next month and probably come up here with Matt [Cassel] and do some one-on-ones and things like that. "

He says he's been in Florida working out with CB Brandon Flowers (and they're doing drills on the beach, actually). So it sounds like Berry and a few others may be coming up to KC soon enough.

Whenever 810 posts the audio, it'll be at this link. Well worth a listen. 

Also of note: Berry was with his friend, Inky Johnson, who is promoting his book. They are doing a book signing at the Sole Patch barbershop in Prairie Village, KS on Saturday.