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Chiefs Reportedly Tried To Trade Up For Mike Pouncey

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In the hours leading up to the 2011 NFL draft, Charlie Casserly reported that the Kansas City Chiefs were interested in Florida C/G Mike Pouncey and could try to trade up for him. He had reportedly visited the Chiefs so it wasn't a big surprise to hear that they liked him but I had a hard time seeing the Chiefs trade up for anyone in this draft, let alone an interior lineman.

But, according to one report, they did indeed try to move up in the draft to select him. This coming from NFL Network's Michael Lombardi.

While Pouncey appears to be a solid player, I'm very happy they decided to trade back instead of up.Trading up to the 15th spot, where Pouncey ended up going to the Miami Dolphins, would have cost the Chiefs at least a third round pick. Instead they gained an extra third round pick via the trade down using it on LB Justin Houston and got to keep their original third rounder.

So the Chiefs could have had Pouncey if they traded up, or the players they got in Baldwin, Houston and DE Allen Bailey. That's a no-brainer to me.

Pouncey will be playing center in Miami and if the Chiefs thought he would be playing center in KC it shows what kind of value they put on that position heading into the draft. They tried a center in round one with Pouncey, and ended up selecting one in round two with C Rodney Hudson.

So...Casey Wiegmann next season?