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Chiefs Draft Pick Jonathan Baldwin Will Go To Larry Fitzgerald Camp

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Last season we made a big deal out of Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe attending Larry Fitzgerald's summer camp where a bunch of NFL players get together to work out. Along with Chiefs head coach Todd Haley, many people thought this was a good move for Bowe.

And it actually worked out. Bowe finished the 2010 season as a Pro Bowler. We'll never know how much that camp actually helped him but Chiefs first round draft pick WR Jonathan Baldwin will be going along the same path as Bowe and heading to Minneapolis this June to work out at Fitzgerald's camp.

You think Todd Haley suggested that to him?
Fitzgerald made the revelation on 810 WHB's Border Patrol Monday morning. The interview has a lot of good nuggets about Baldwin and what he's doing to prepare for the season.

He said once Fitzgerald saw that the Chiefs drafted him, he texted him and said, 'You're going to love coach Haley.' He also says he has talked to QB Matt Cassel and at some point will begin working out with him.

The 810 WHB interview can be heard here. It may or may not be the only interview we hear from him today. Nick Wright of 610 Sports says he had a Baldwin interview set up this afternoon. Shortly after he made that announcement, Chiefs DE Shaun Smith tweeted the following to Baldwin:
no interviews unless the chiefs pr department know about it and nothing from nick wright he start mess trust me I know
Oops. Baldwin has since said on Twitter that he can't do the interview anymore.


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