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Final Look At Kansas City Chiefs 2011 NFL Draft Grades

We've looked through a number of 2011 NFL draft grades for the Kansas City Chiefs and I've now come across a table with the grades for all 32 NFL teams from a large group of the mainstream media.

It seems as if no one is quite sure what to think of the Kansas City Chiefs draft class. There are a couple of C- grades and then there's an A- grade as well.

Last year the Chiefs were widely considered one of the winners of the draft. This year some people love their picks citing the potential while others aren't as high on the draft suggesting GM Scott Pioli went off-script with some of the picks. We'll have to come back to these grades in two or three years once we get a better idea of what this class will look like.

The best draft, according to draft grade averages, came from the Detroit Lions while the worst draft was the Seattle Seahawks.

Here's a list of the Chiefs draft grades ranging from Mel Kiper to USA Today:

Mel Kiper C+

Brian Galliford ( B-

CBS Sports: C-

FOX Sports: B+

Sports Illustrated: B+

Sporting News: B-

NBC Sports: A-

Yahoo! Sports: B-

USA Today: C

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