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Kansas City Chiefs Send Congratulatory Call To Seattle Seahawks

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While ESPN's Trent Dilfer pooh-poohed the Seattle Seahawks and Kansas City Chiefs draft class, the two teams were on the phone exchanging congratulations.

Seahawks GM John Schneider spent the 107th overall pick on Georgia WR Kris Durham, who had a private workout with the Chiefs prior to the draft. Schneider told reporters including the Tacoma News-Tribune that the Chiefs actually called Seattle to congratulate them on a good draft pick.

"It's pretty cool after you pick a guy to have a team like that call and be like, ‘Dang, that was a great pick.'"

This is actually good information to know. If the Chiefs were thinking of selecting him, it suggests they may not be done looking for receivers, which is information we should file away for when free agency hits.

An important distinction is whether the Chiefs were thinking of drafting him with the Jonathan Baldwin pick already in tow, or if this was a consideration pre-Baldwin. I wonder that because Durham seems, at least physically, similar to Baldwin.

But it sounds like another receiver would be in the Chiefs future if they find someone in free agency that they like (which is a big if).