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Agent Worked Overtime For Chiefs Draft Pick Shane Bannon

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The story of Yale FB Shane Bannon, the Kansas City Chiefs seventh round 2011 NFL draft pick, will be an interesting one in the coming months and years. Bannon was on no one's radar in March and, thanks to some overtime work by his agent, he was able to get in front of a few teams. 

The end result was the Chiefs selecting him in the seventh round. It was his agent, though, that helped the process. Joe Linta, a former coach and now an agent, told Peter King of that he saw tape of Bannon and figured he had a future in the NFL.

Pro GMs like Scott Pioli of the Chiefs respect Linta more than many agents because he's a former coach, and because he's brought them solid prospects before. "He really helped me,'' said Bannon, who will graduate from Yale later this month. "I'm not your classic football prospect. I didn't even play football until my sophomore year in high school, and then, I never dreamed of this as a possibility.'' 

Pioli told King that he's done a lot of work with Linta and he can sometimes help get players in front of him. 

Also worth noting: Linta is C Casey Wiegmann's agent. I wonder if Pioli got the scoop on what Wiegmann's future plans are after the Chiefs spent a second round pick on C Rodney Hudson.