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Chiefs Draft Picks 2011: Follow The Newest Kansas City Chiefs On Twitter

The Kansas City Chiefs made nine draft picks in the 2011 NFL draft and we're in the process of rounding up Twitter accounts for all of them.

More than likely, from here on, this will be an annual affair. For many of these college athletes, communicating on Twitter is second nature. For the fans, we get a glimpse into the thoughts and lives of Kansas City Chiefs players.

I've been able to find what I believe to be the real Twitter accounts for 7 of our 9 NFL Draft picks. I need to stress that these accounts are unverified but I think if you poke around them for a bit, you'll become pretty firmly convinced we've got the right accounts.

Here are the accounts we've found so far, again unverified:

And as a friendly reminder, you can follow Arrowhead Pride on Twitter here - @ArrowheadPride. Joel runs that account 99% of the time and he's tweeting out good stuff, so check it out.

Anyone been able to find a Justin Houston account or a Rodney Hudson account? I think I may have found Hudson but I can't be sure if it's his.

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