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Trent Dilfer's Take Down Of Chiefs Draft Pick Jonathan Baldwin

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While I like Jon Gruden, it was tough to watch him on ESPN's 2011 NFL draft coverage because he showers so much praise on everyone with very little criticism. That's why I was more interested in ESPN's coverage when Trent Dilfer came on in day three and shook things up by eviscerating the Seattle Seahawks draft class. wasn't so cool when he did the same to the Chiefs draft class. While "eviscerate" probably isn't the right word, Dilfer provided plenty of fodder on Chiefs GM Scott Pioli's choices this weekend, specifically WR Jonathan Baldwin.

"I think we have to start by saying that I don't think there was a better coaching job done in the NFL last year than by Todd Haley," Dilfer said. "Scott Pioli, his track record is impeccable and the guy does a great job."

Uh-oh. He's buttering them up. This can't be good. 
"Last year, the consensus was they won the draft and they won the draft by drafting pros," Dilfer said on Saturday as the draft was nearing its end. "This year, you look at some of the people they've drafted -- Jonathan Baldwin and Justin Houston.

"Jonathan Baldwin, receiver from Pittsburgh, I know he's a height, weight, speed guy. He tested out great but I watched the tape and he does not play fast. This is also a guy, talking to coaches and teammates at Pittsburgh, wasn't well-liked, wasn't well-respected. He threw his quarterback under the bus at the end of the season, and his coaches under the bus. This is a guy that I thought at best was a middle or late second round pick. He didn't play the position as big and fast as he should. You guys nailed it last night. He's an under achiever. Incredible talent but didn't achieve to his potential. This doesn't fit."

After reading that, I'd also encourage you to check out what Baldwin's former coach had to say about him. He obviously has a different take than Dilfer.

"Pioli's forgotten more football than I'll ever know -- I know that," Dilfer continued. "It just doesn't seem to fit their method of operation drafting guys that are team captains, leaders, great in the community, over achievers. Now there are two picks in this draft and you're scratching your head going: Are they changing their philosophy?"

Take it for what it's worth. Dilfer is the same guy that said QB Jimmy Clausen was "by far" the best quarterback in last year's draft -- even better than QB Sam Bradford.

Cam Newton wouldn't agree with that.