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Maurice Carthon Recalls Begging Todd Haley To Come To Cowboys

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Josh Looney and the crew is running a new video series called Coach's Corner where they'll be talking to all of the Chiefs assistant coaches. Since these coaches are generally not made available to the media, this is about our only opportunity to get to know these guys.

The first one up is Maurice Carthon who coaches the team's running backs. The full video is worth watching at but here's one part that caught my eye. Josh asked him why he and Todd Haley connect so well and Carthon described the process of getting him to the Dallas Cowboys in 2004.

"Todd and I connect well because basically I owe Todd," Carthon said. "I remember I was a coordinator in Dallas and Todd was just leaving Chicago and he had a chance to go to the Steelers with Coach Whisehunt.

"I called Todd and we talked and I begged him. I was like, 'Todd, we need you here in Dallas. We need you to come here and coach our receivers.' Then Parcells got on the phone with him and basically Bill closed the deal for us so he ended up coming to Dallas.

"I felt like wherever he goes I gotta go with him to pay him back. So I feel like this gave me a great opportunity to come here and come to Kansas City and be with some really good football people. Scott [Pioli], Todd and a lot of coaches on our staff, we've been together for a while. We've all had a great teacher and all of us have learned some things from that teacher."

That teacher of course is Bill Parcells, who has an influence in Kansas City. Check out the full thing at Some interesting tidbits in there.