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Another Former Chief Heads To A Hall Of Fame

It must be Hall of Fame season because we have another story of a former Kansas City Chiefs player headed to the Hall of Fame. Earlier this week it was guard Will Shields and the College Football Hall of Fame and this time it's offensive lineman Dave Hill and the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame (where he'll be joined by Shaun Alexander).

Hill played 150 games for the AFL and NFL Kansas City Chiefs from 1963 to 1964. At one point, he played 149 straight games for the Chiefs. The Birmingham News story includes a couple of interesting tidbits about Hill's two Super Bowl appearances with the Chiefs. 

On the Chiefs Super Bowl I loss to the Green Bay Packers:

Part of the problem was Kansas City's approach. The Chiefs treated the trip to Los Angeles like a bowl game, arriving two weeks early, touring Hollywood and seeing the sights, hitting the beach. Green Bay showed up a week later, all business.

On the Chiefs Super Bowl IV victory over the Minnesota Vikings:

"I'm not bragging, but we knew if we played Minnesota 100 times we'd beat them 100 times," Hill said. "We just thought we were a much better football team than they were. It never entered our mind that we could lose that game."

Imagine what the stories would be like these days if a team treated the Super Bowl like a tourist. It would be insufferable. 

Check out the full story at the Birmingham News. 

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