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Eric Berry Making A Kansas City Appearance This Weekend

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On Saturday morning, Ms. Primetime and I will be hopping on a plane and heading to sunny Florida for a week-long vacation. We're entering among the most boring weeks and months of the NFL offseason so I figured it would be a good time to get away. 

And of course right when I decide to leave town there's a bunch of Kansas City Chiefs stuff going on. We already noted that QB Matt Cassel will be signing autographs in KC on Saturday but he's not the only Chief.

S Eric Berry will be in town for Inky Johnson's book signing, according to Berry's Twitter account.

Me n Inky Johnson at Sole Patch in Prairie Village in KC from 12 to 4 saturday for his book signing. Also giving away 2 royals tickets.

Johnson of course is the reason Berry wears No. 29. Check out more on that story here if you've forgotten. 

So I go out of town and arguably the two most well-known Chiefs will be making appearances. That sounds about right.  To make matters worse, I live only a couple of football fields away from that spot in Prairie Village.

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