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More On Javier Arenas' Alabama Tornado Story

We've talked a little bit about Kansas City Chiefs CB Javier Arenas' Alabama tornado story because it's quite amazing. Arenas was in Tuscaloosa when it all went down a few weeks ago and left unscathed as houses and businesses around him were destroyed. 

Arenas' experience landed him on the cover of Sports Illustrated this week and the accompanying story by Lars Anderson is an excellent read on the devastation of the tornado.

Arenas' role in the aftermath of the tornado is an important one, as Anderson described in the story.

A day after the tornado struck, Arenas drove 11 hours to his home in Kansas City, wanting to leave the destruction and heartache behind. But he couldn't. So he steered his 2008 black Denali to a Sam's Club, purchased $1,600 worth of necessities-bottled water, baby food, toothpaste-and returned the next day to Tuscaloosa. He tweeted that he would be giving away his supplies outside of a mall on McFarland Boulevard, and within minutes, hundreds of homeless tornado victims surrounded his SUV.

"I never realized that as a former Alabama football player, I can bring a smile to someone's face just by hugging them," says Arenas. "That's why I've been going to see the National Guard guys. I'm just trying to brighten their days."

Please read the entire story at It's well worth your time. Javier Arenas is a good dude. 

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