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Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Makes His Big And Tall (And About Damn Time) Pitch

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Occasionally we get emails from folks that are looking for nothing more than a free PR blast promoting whatever product they're selling, and the emails usually include lots of exclamation points to show how excited everyone is about said product.

Generally, we ignore these unless they contain something you or other Kansas City Chiefs fans may find interesting. With the NFL lockout, we're starving for Chiefs news so The Foundry Big and Tall Supply Co. gets a free one today.

The Foundry is a new store opening up in the Kansas City area offering "fashionable choices for big & tall men." The Chiefs angle in all of this is that the store's Oak Park Mall location will feature Matt Cassel signing autographs as well as the Chiefs cheerleaders.

The flyer for the event -- part of which is seen above -- includes this tag line: "Big and tall and about damn time." Considering Kansas City is the sixth fattest city in the country, it is indeed about damn time. 

So if you want to meet Cassel, head to Oak Park Mall between 12:00-2:00 p.m. on Saturday. Maybe he'll tell you about the informal practices he's been spear-heading.