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Eric Berry's Brothers Getting Some Early Hype

Last year around this time we passed along a story talking about how Eric Berry's twin brothers, who were going to be freshman in high school at the time, might have been better than he was at the time. Evan was a quarterback and a safety last year for Creekside High while Elliot was a defensive end.

I can't say that I've ever seen them play but Jamie Newberg of (via Arrowheadlines) recently ran a piece with Creekside coach Johnny White touting each of them.

"They are unbelievable," White said. "They have a chance to be like Eric, but in their own way. Evan is smaller, about 5-11 and 185 pounds, while Elliot is 6 feet and 195 right now. I can see him leaving here at 225-230 pounds. [Elliot] runs a 21.9 200 meters, and Evan is a 10.8 100-meter guy. Remember, they are still freshman with a lot of football left."

Big, strong and fast. I wonder if they could be Chiefs in a few years?

And if you can't get enough Eric Berry in your life, incoming freshman Deontre Turman was described like this in the ESPN story:

"The kid is special," White said. "I mean, he has skill you only see in guys like Eric Berry. He can be another Eric Berry. He's freaky and he will start for us at safety and play receiver. He's fast and he will hit you. He's incredibly athletic. The kid is only 13 years old but we expect big things from him."

If you made it to the NFL from your high school, you're a pretty big deal. Sounds like we'll be hearing Eric Berry comparisons out of Creekside High for a long time.

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