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'03 Oakland Raiders Named Most Disappointing Team In Last 25 Years

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We're always up for a good 'ol Oakland Raiders bashing post. ESPN recently came out with their top 10 most disappointing teams of the last 25 years and the Raiders come in at the top spot. ESPN says the 2003 Oakland team is the No. 1 most disappointing team of all time.

This was the year following their Super Bowl run and marked the beginning of a nine-year stretch in which they wouldn't win more than five games in any season.

Individual players get old, but it's unusual to see an entire team grow old overnight. Then again, most teams don't open the season with a 38-year-old quarterback, receivers who are 37 and 41, a trio of over-30 running backs and an assortment of defenders pushing 40.

I'm not sure I consider this a total disappointment. It is if you consider that the year prior they were in the Super Bowl and went on to win just four games the following year but they went for gold in 2002 -- and nearly reached the peak -- while tumbling down after that.

This is what the Chiefs of the '90s wanted to be -- sorta. The Chiefs in that time period were a veteran team who always felt they were one player away from reaching the Super Bowl. It's like the '97-98 team that lost to the Denver Broncos in the playoffs. They went all out that year -- it worked in the regular season -- but lost in the playoffs and the next several seasons were fairly miserable.

So, sure, the 2003 Oakland team is a disappointment but I think Chiefs fans would have loved to feel the disappointment of a post-Super Bowl season.