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NFL Lockout Not Slowing Chiefs Players Off-Field Work

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As we talked about the other day, the NFL lockout has affected a lot of things -- free agency, trades, player signings, and more. It's made following the NFL highly annoying as the game of football has now turn into courtroom football.

As annoying as things are in the league right now, it's good to see Kansas City Chiefs players still getting out in the community.

Ryan Lilja, a former Super Bowl champion and current offensive lineman for the Kansas City Chiefs, returned to his alma mater, Broken Arrow Elementary School, Monday to speak to the school during an assembly. Lilja discussed the importance of setting goals and having dreams and talked about how he overcame mistakes and obstacles to achieve his. Afterward, students asked Lilja questions and he signed autographs for those wearing Chiefs memorabilia.

Lilja's biggest mistake he had to overcome? Having to leave the Chiefs seven years ago. (KC actually cut him.)

It's nice to see stuff like this continue even during the lockout. The football world is in a tailspin and nothing is normal right now but you'll see Chiefs players continuing to do things like this.