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Matt Cassel Continues To Lead Chiefs Player-Only Workouts

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We've been talking about the Kansas City Chiefs and player-only workouts lately with the lockout currently putting the kibosh on the offseason. We knew that some Chiefs players had previously worked out but we didn't realize that some they've been doing it for the last three weeks.

The Kansas City Star's Adam Teicher went out to a local high school and took in an informal practice lead by QB Matt Cassel and attended by seven other Chiefs, including WR Dexter McCluster.

Check out the KC Star for the full report. Lots of encouraging things in there. 

It's encouraging that the players are getting together and doing this. There are risks involved but Teicher reports there wasn't much contact so those risks were minimized in that regard. 

The 2010 version of OTAs started exactly one year ago today so the Chiefs are apparently keeping as normal of a schedule as they can during this unique time period in the NFL.