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College Football Hall Of Fame: Please Welcome Will Shields

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Former Kansas City Chiefs guard Will Shields will be eligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame next year but he's heading to the College Football Hall of Fame first. College football's 2011 Hall of Fame class was announced and Shields' name appears on it.

Big time congratulations to Shields, who comes from Nebraska and is one of the finest offensive linemen in college football and NFL history. He's one of the guys that make you proud to be a Chiefs fan.

Shields' charitable contributions around the Kansas City area are Hall-worthy as well. A well-deserved honor for a class act. Way to go, Will Shields.

The requirements to get into the College Football Hall of Fame read like this:

To be eligible for the Hall of Fame Players must have been named a First Team All-America by a major/national selector as recognized and utilized by the NCAA for their consensus All-America teams; played their last year of intercollegiate football at least ten years prior; played within the last 50 years and cannot be currently playing professional football.

Let's hope we're talking about the Pro Football Hall of Fame next year.