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Javier Arenas Lands On Cover Of Sports Illustrated

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The April 27 tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa has touched so many people, including a member of the Kansas City Chiefs. CB Javier Arenas, who was drafted out of Alabama in 2010, was in Tuscaloosa when the tornado hit and says he waited it out in his bathtub. 

This week's Sports Illustrated has Arenas on the cover paired with a feature story by Lars Anderson on the role of football as Alabama looks to rebuild.

The caption next to Arenas says: "Javier Arenas surveys what's left of the street where he lives."

And the caption on the cover says: "Tuscaloosa is among the most sports-obsessed cities in America. Athletics will play a special role in rebuilding it, brick by brick, life by life."

Considering the damage around his home, he's lucky to escape with no injuries. Check out Arenas' story as told to the Birmingham News earlier this month. It's pretty amazing. He was back in Alabama collecting food to give to those who had lost their homes when he talked about it.

Arenas wrote this on Twitter last week when he was in Alabama: "Met a dude who was diggin thru the remains of his house. Lost 2 family members and was jus looking for a photo album."