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NFL Lockout Could Affect Chiefs Playbook

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We've learned over the past few months that the NFL lockout affects everything. We can't talk about which players will be free agents because the NFL lockout means we don't know what the rules will be. We can't make plans for the 2011 season because the NFL lockout has eliminated the season as of now. We can't even talk about signing draft picks because the NFL lockout means no player signings.

There are a lot of things that the NFL lockout affects. As of now, it hasn't affected a ton of on the field work. It will soon though as it appears the lockout will remain in place until the Eighth Circuit rules next month essentially eliminating the offseason program, which is time spent installing the offense and defense.

Without OTAs, and possibly training camp, the Chiefs playbook could take a hit. New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick spoke to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald this week and noted that, given the time constraints the lockout creates, a team's playbook could suffer.

"We'll have to take the windows that we have to teach things and try to see how much we feel realistically we can get done. Something's going to have to go, I would think. The progression's got to stay the same, but the breadth of that amount of installation could be subject to being trimmed back, maybe drastically."

Obviously Belichick is talking about the Patriots but the same applies to the Chiefs.

Defensively, Romeo Crennel returns so there won't be a whole lot of change there. Offensively, Bill Muir and Todd Haley may have their own tweaks following Charlie Weis' departure so I could see that creating some problems.

On top of that, WR Jonathan Baldwin was the only one of the Chiefs draft picks to receive a playbook before the lockout was reinstated. The others could get theirs from other players but the basic tenant of learning a playbook -- actually possessing the playbook -- may be difficult for some.