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Dwayne Bowe Says He's Staying In Shape During NFL Lockout

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Kansas City Chiefs WR Dwayne Bowe talked with Michael Smith on ESPN's NFL Live on Monday. Here is a transcript of that conversation:

Smith: Obviously that breakout season last year. What are you doing during the work stoppage to stay sharp and stay on your game?

Bowe: Just conditioning, man. A lot of conditioning and a lot of streching because you never know when it's going to be time to turn it back up. On my down time I chill with my family and then in the morning I get my work out in, now with my quarterback from high school. We're getting a little throwing in.

Smith: Such a fantastic year last year with those 15 touchdowns. Which aspect of your game would you like to improve heading into 2011?

Bowe: I'm just trying to repeat what I had last year taking every play like it's my last play no matter the point of the game. I never thought backwards. I was always looking forward to the next game. When I had that good touchdown streak, I just felt like nobody could stop me so I had the mind frame to just look forward, look to the future, and since I've been doing that, things have been going well.

Smith: You had some organized workouts at a high school in Kansas City. What were you able to accomplish at those players workouts?

Bowe: Just getting that rhythm again. We haven't seen each other since -- well me and Cassel were in the Pro Bowl -- but the other guys haven't been around since that January playoff game. Just thinking again, getting with the guys laughing and sweating. 

Smith: Another guy you added to the fold is Jonathan Baldwin, the receiver out of Pitt. What are your expectations from him in terms of what you expect him to do right away?

Bowe: Just like the expectations I had. I want him to come in and want to learn before he wants to be a superstar. Learn the play book, learn the defenses and get the game down so you can play more efficient. I want him to come in and learn that playbook and that's what I'll stress on him because he has all the athletic ability in the world but learning that playbook comes first.

Smith: What do you plan to do with Jonathan Baldwin, along with coach Haley, to really get the best out of him?

Bowe: I want him to out-do me my rookie year. I want him to break all my records. I always want the next guy to be better than me so that's why I work as hard as I do. That's why I'm pushing so hard.