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NFL Lockout Likely Not Going Anywhere For A While

Well, so much for free agency in the next few weeks.

The Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled (2-1) to keep the lockout in place through the appeals process.

This means that the lockout likely stays around until at least June 3rd. On that date, the courts will hear the appeals and sometime after that we'll have a decision on the future of the lockout.

The two sides could come to an agreement before then but that seems unlikely. (I would really love to be wrong on that)

This means that the lockout will knock out basically all of what would have been OTA season. The Chiefs last year had OTAs until about mid-June but it doesn't appear we'll be seeing that this season.

So June 3rd is the next big date. I'm hoping that the lockout is lifted sometime in June because I think that still provides teams enough time to hit free agency and then prepare for training camp with little interruption to the rest of the offseason.

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