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Dwayne Bowe Wants Jonathan Baldwin To Break His Chiefs Records

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The Kansas City Chiefs will enter the 2011 season (if there is a 2011 season) with a new look at receiver after adding WR Jonathan Baldwin in the 2011 NFL draft. Already in house is WR Dwayne Bowe who appeared on ESPN's NFL Live on Monday talking about the addition of Baldwin.

Considering the state of the Chiefs receivers, Baldwin has a legitimate shot to see significant playing time in year one. He will need a heck of a year to top Bowe's rookie year when he set franchise records for receptions (70) and yards (995) by a Chiefs rookie.

"I want him to out-do me my rookie year," Bowe said of Baldwin on NFL Live. "I want him to break all my records. I always want the next guy to be better than me."

The latest stat projections for Baldwin have him falling short of those numbers. Pro Football Focus predicted Baldwin would end the year with 32 receptions for 451 yards.

"I want him to come in and want to learn before he wants to be a super star," Bowe said. "Learn the playbook, learn the defenses and get the game down so you can play more efficient. I want him to come in and learn that playbook and that's what I'll stress on him because he has all the athletic ability in the world but learning that play book comes first."

I suppose it's a good thing then that Baldwin received a copy of his playbook before the NFL lockout was put back into place.