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How Does Chiefs QB Matt Cassel Rank Throwing Under Pressure?

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Leading up to the 2011 NFL draft, a lot of fans were calling for the Kansas City Chiefs to draft an offensive tackle. I was one of those folks but it wasn't necessarily because I felt the offensive line was among the weakest parts of the team. I just feel that life is so much easier when you have a top flight offensive line so I'm always going to advocate for adding talent at the position.

Pro Football Focus has a nice run down of how all NFL quarterbacks rank when they're under pressure. Chiefs QB Matt Cassel completed 58 percent of his passes in the 2010 season. That's a number that we would like to see rise -- I think 60 percent or above is a good place to be.

When he's under pressure, though, Cassel is a 43 percent passer, according to stats compiled by PFF. That puts his completion percentage when pressured at 26th in the league for all quarterbacks who dropped back 200 times or more. On the whole, Cassel was pressured about 35 percent of the time he dropped back last season which is good for ninth highest in the NFL.

So he's pressured a lot and his completion percentage drops when he's pressured. One other negative that happens when you're pressured is sacks. Cassel was sacked 15 percent of the time when pressured and only 10 quarterbacks did better than him so he's not bad at avoiding sacks.

Check out how Cassel stacks up relative to the rest of the league at Pro Football Focus. He does get pressured at a decent rate and when he does his completion percentage drops (obviously) but he's done a solid job at avoiding sacks.