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Rodney Hudson, Casey Wiegmann And Retirement

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Arrowhead Pride's Bajah07 has written a new article over at SB Nation Kansas City about the NFL lockout and Kansas City Chiefs' centers Casey Wiegmann and Rodney Hudson. Mr. Bajah asks us, When will Casey Wiegmann's decision to play or not play next season  become a distraction?

It's very possible that the Chiefs already know what Casey Wiegmann plans on doing next season. It wouldn't be the first time that the Chiefs organization played things a little close to the vest. But if they don't have his decision yet it could begin to become a distraction for the team the closer we get to the end of the lockout.

Right now, Wiegmann doesn't have an incentive to make a decision on retirement, with the NFL lockout basically keeping every decision in flux. I don't expect we'll hear anything soon from the 37-year old Pro Bowler. 

Bajah says that Wiegmann returning, even if only for part of the season, would be best for the development of Rodney Hudson, the Kansas City Chiefs' second round pick:

There is something to be said for players just getting thrown into the fire and starting right away. But it always depends on the situation of that particular player. This is a perfect situation for Hudson to sit behind Wiegmann for a little while, whether or not that is a single game, half the season, or the entire season, it doesn't matter. Hudson would be able to watch and learn from a true professional and how he goes about his business. That kind of knowledge isn't something that can be taught from the coaches, but it's best for the development of Hudson if he gets this opportunity.

I predict this is how next season is going to go at center for the Chiefs - Wiegmann starts the first 4-5 games, with Hudson getting similar reps in practice at the same time. After those first first games or even a bit longer, I think Hudson gets the starting nod. 

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