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Arrowheadlines: Chiefs News 5/14

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 Happy Weekend! Wow! Light day for Kansas City Chiefs news. Let's hope this lockout ends soon.

Many players have bonuses written into their contracts paying them a (for us, anyway) hefty sum if they participate in a certain amount of club-sponsored off-season workouts. So far, at least, there have been no such workouts and there won't be until the owners lift the lockout, if they ever do.

So Eric Berry shouldn't count on that $300,000 he otherwise would have been paid.

A Couple Million Bucks Here... from The Red Zone

A diehard basketball fan and champion of the city's Recreation and Parks department, Young said his first impression of Turgeon "was just amazing." There was plenty of talk about basketball players staying in school and earning their degrees. And there was some good-natured chiding from Young, a Ravens fan, related to Turgeon's Kansas City Chiefs.

Mark Turgeon Making Friends in Baltimore from The Baltimore Sun

The company enlisted Dallas Cowboys linebacker Bradie James (at one location) and the team's cheerleaders to sign autographs at grand-opening events for the six Dallas-area stores on May 14, and Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel (at one store) and cheerleaders to support May 21 celebrations in the four Kansas City-area stores.

JC Penny Grows "Big & Tall" from In-Store Marketing Institute