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Prediction For A Kansas City Chiefs Running Back

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The NFL lockout has wiped out free agency to this point so a lot of our offseason speculation and rumor milling has been cut out as well. Despite the lockout, folks are still making predictions on where certain players will land if/when free agency hits.

Chris Wesseling of NBC Rotoworld has an interesting prediction on a few of the running backs on the market this year.

Running back market is so depressed. I've got Marion Barber going to Rams as S-jax's backup. Ronnie Brown back to Miami. Ricky to Chiefs.

Yes, that would be Ricky Williams. Keep in mind this isn't a report or anything -- simply a prediction or a guess.

If that means RB Thomas Jones isn't on the team anymore then, in my opinion, it's not a very good prediction. But it sounds like Wesseling means that Williams would move into the rotation with Jones and RB Jamaal Charles.

I just don't see it.

We've all heard Todd Haley talk about Jones' influence on the Chiefs. We've also heard RB Jamaal Charles talk about the importance of having Jones around. In addition to that, the lockout could push free agency back to a point where any players acquired would only have a couple of weeks to prepare for the season. And, as Wesseling pointed out, the running back market isn't very good and the simple laws of supply and demand suggest the price of acquiring any running back will be a little higher than usual.

Not even looking at the lockout factor, I just don't see how Ricky Williams would be such a significant upgrade over Jones.