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Chiefs Once Looked At Reshard Langford As A Linebacker

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Interesting story coming from Kansas City Chiefs safety Reshard Langford. He was on with 610 Sports' Nick Wright on Thursday talking about the Alabama tornadoes and what he's doing to help.

So first things first: If you want more information on how to help and what Langford is doing, check out this website.

Back to football. Langford, who was an undrafted free agent, had a pretty interesting story to tell when Wright asked him what his draft day experience was like in 2009.

"From what I was told," Langford said, "I was going to be a late sixth round, early seventh round pick. That day, I got my family together, I'm a small town guy, getting a chance to go to the NFL, get drafted, highlight of my life.

"Never got that call."

But he did get a few calls during the draft, he said.

"I got calls during the draft from Seattle saying they're going to draft me," he continued, "I got a call from Kansas City actually on draft day but they wanted me to play linebacker because I was a bigger safety. I had never played linebacker before. The day passed and I didn't get drafted. I got calls right afterwards and got a chance to go play safety in Philly and I took that."

And then on Christmas Day of that season, the Chiefs -- the same team who wanted him as a linebacker -- picked him up off the Philadelphia Eagles practice squad.

Interesting stuff and something to keep in mind in the future. I'm not sure that the Chiefs would change his position now but that they thought about it at one time makes you wonder if they'll ever make that change.

Langford's story is almost noteworthy because there's a large group of guys that went undrafted just like him that currently have no opportunities, thanks to the NFL lockout.